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Breakfast time (Fiction)

It had rained heavily in the evening but Nina was feeling stuffy in her bedroom. The fan, on full speed, and wearing her tiniest shorts had done no good. She was feeling hot but not feverish. At least she didn’t think so. Being the first one to sleep when your friends are over is never a good idea. But Nina couldn’t take it anymore. Her body started shivering and the entire bed shook. That woke up her two friends, Preity and Sneha, who had crashed on the bed only an hour back. The birthday girl, being Sneha, tried to ignore her friend moaning on the far side of the bed but her kind nature kicked in past the alcohol.

“Hey Nina! What’s up?”
“Sneha….. I’m hurting….. My body is hurting….. My back is hurting…. Please take me to the ambulance!!!”

Nina started mumbling and Sneha got scared. She reached over to feel her forehead and found it clammy and hot.

“Oh fuck! I think you’ve got a temperature. Babe, where is it hurting?”
“My back… MY BACK!!!!”

The tears rolled down her cheek as the host collapses into a fit of sobs. Preity jumped out of the bed and checked her phone. 5am which meant that the two girls had been asleep for less than an hour. Both of them look at each other in fear. They had never been in a situation like this before. They had no clue what they were supposed to do.

“Ok look, she has a fever!”
“Did you check properly?”
“How the fuck do YOU check a fever then?”
“Fine fine. Call an ambulance then. Nina?”

Preity went over to check on Nina once more. As Sneha fiddled with her phone, something dawned on her.

“Dude what’s the ambulance number? Shit! Forget it! I’ll call a cab. Which is the nearest hospital by the way?”
“St. John’s. Should we wake up the others?”
“Sneha…… Call my mom! I miss her…. I want her here…”

Nina continues to mumble as the cab is booked and soon the girls are on their way to St. John’s. It took them an hour because Nina refused to get up from her bed. Sneha had to force her to wear pants, threatening her by “clicking pictures of her and sending it to the boy who she was fooling around with but wanted more”. By 6:30am, Nina was admitted into the emergency room of St.John’s.

Emergency rooms always freaked Sneha out. It was the smell that hospitals always seemed to carry not to mention the bloody injuries that were always there. Shove a collection of the goriest movies into Sneha’s hand and she would devour them in one night. But make her see your fractured hand and she would pass out within seconds. She was weird. But because of her friend being in so much trouble, she swallowed her fears and went about doing what the doctor had asked her to do.

The doctor, a specimen of immense beauty and hotness, Abhay was also somewhat of a cocky bastard. While inserting the IV drip into Nina’s arm, he began humming “Stayin Alive”. If Sneha wasn’t so hopped up on adrenaline from worrying about Nina, she may have even sung along. But she could only stare at him, shocked that he was being so cavalier.

“So Doctor, what is wrong with her?”

Abhay looks up and bursts into a smile. It soon turns into a sarcastic grin.

“Hey lady! We aren’t Gods here that we know what’s wrong with her before even doing tests. Be patient.”

The nurse standing next to him giggles as the smug bastard walks away, happy with the pun he cracked and Sneha barely noticed. Preity turned to her and gaped.

“Wow! He’s something! That was uncalled for!”
“He is dreamy, isn’t he?”

Nina had been given some painkillers for her back and her fever was coming down as well. This had clouded her judgement of everything around her severely. The test results couldn’t have come sooner.

“So now we have the test results and we can make an informed decision, unlike Dr.House M.D. who simply guesses.”
Abhay exclaims as he pointedly looks at Sneha.

“JEEZ! What is that guy’s issue with you? Why is he so mean?” Preity whispers in her ear as Abhay goes on to explain the purpose of the 10 medicines that Nina has been prescribed.

“Don’t worry, Nina. I’m sure your friends will take good care of you. Won’t you guys?”
Sneha nodded, still shocked at the barb that was totally unexpected.

“Yes and her uncle is coming to pick her up as well. So she will be looked after well.”

“I expect nothing less for such a beautiful girl. I have also indicated in your file that you will be coming in for a follow-up in two weeks to see Dr. Anaya.”

“What about you? Why won’t she be seeing you in two weeks?”
The words tumbled out of Sneha’s mouth before she could restrain herself. There was something about this man that annoyed and intrigued her at the same time. Maybe it was the fumes of the hospital that were messing with her head.

“I am moving to another city. And that’s all you need to know. Take care Nina.”
With those final words, Sneha was glad to see the back of Abhay.

Sneha dropped Preity off at the taxi stand outside the hospital and made her way to the chai stall near the entrance. She was in desperate need of a smoke and a strong masala chai after the morning that she had had.

“So you like masala chai too, huh?”

She cringed and turned around, her unlit cigarette hanging off her mouth. She nodded mutely and tried to think of a clever comeback. When none came to mind, she held her hand to light her cigarette, grabbed her chai and searched for a quiet place to sit, praying that Abhay wouldn’t follow. No God in the universe listened to her.

“So I was wondering…”
“Oh and you wonder also. I thought you just said everything that came to your mind and never looked back.”
“Wow! We got a feisty one here. So I was wondering if you wanted to come for some breakfast with me.”
“And why would I do that? Plus don’t you have to go back to work right now?”

Abhay took the only space left next to Sneha on the footpath and sighed, “I honestly have no idea. I go where my father tells me to go. Where I’m needed.”
“What does that even mean?” Sneha felt electric sitting next to him. She reminded herself of the way he talked to her and tried to create some space between them. It failed. She then wrapped herself tighter in her pink shawl.

Abhay noticed and stood up.

“So breakfast? I know this really good place that has waffles that would send you to heaven. There are other ways to go up there but this way is by far one of the best.”

Sneha looked at him incredulously. When had she ever done anything spontaneous in her life before? This guy was the first man to actually speak to her without either putting her down or trying to act creepy. Granted, she didn’t know this man but he had just treated her friend and there was this unexplainable connection between them that she had only read about in romance novels. More precisely, erotica.

Abhay held his hand out as support and pulled her into himself. They stood like that for 5 minutes and breakfast was forgotten. Her hand was tangled in his hair and his hand was splayed across her back. The heavy breathing and the sexual frustration from both ends culminated in a kiss that betrayed both their innermost thoughts.

“Do you wanna ditch breakfast? I cook a mean omelette” Abhay managed to speak in between their tongues colliding.

Sneha nodded as she sunk her face into his neck. He had a nice smelling neck – no lingering hospital smell, which was good. She could only describe it as spicy and heady.

The auto ride to Abhay’s place was barely noticeable as both kept their hands to themselves, relatively. The auto driver had no reason to even look back and wonder why both of them were giggling so much. Once they reached his apartment building, Sneha was glad it was on the first floor because she couldn’t have handled being alone with him in the lift.

They tumbled into the living room, trying to undress each other and themselves at the same time when Abhay pulled apart and blushed.

“You’ve had sex before, right?”
“YES! Even so, why would that matter?”
“No because then I would take extra precaution and treat you right.”
“Oh and since I’ve already done it before…..”
“Then I’m doing this….”

With that, he picked her up with ease (Sneha never doubted that with his muscles) and carried her to his bedroom. He never stopped kissing her and as they approached the bed, more clothes began to come off.
The exploration process began with his hands trying to find those sweet spots that would make Sneha purr in pure ecstasy. In return, she moved her hands down to bring him as close to the tipping point as she was being brought. With both of them working in tandem, it was a wonder they had enough time to look into each other’s eyes. The burning passion was evident and the kisses that Abhay trailed along Sneha’s neck melted her insides. They looked at each other and decided that it was time.

Sneha felt an orchestra begin to play as he started thrusting into her in tune with the music. Rose petals fell from the open sky above and their bodies moved like a pair of jazz dancers, full of fire and desire, each motion prompting the other to keep holding on till the final moment. When their climax point approached, Abhay let out a primeval roar and Sneha whimpered softly. They both fell back, panting and red faced. Sneha turned to look at Abhay and was startled by him chewing on rose petals.

“Wait I thought I imagined that. Where the fuck did they come from?”
“Haha! And did you think you imagined these guys as well?” Abhay swallowed the petals as he gestured to the orchestra that had magically appeared beside his bed.

Sneha jumped up from her bed, covering her body with the satin bedsheet. She began looking for her clothes because her endorphin high was coming down and it was hitting her now – she had just slept with her friend’s doctor who was apparently moving to another city in 2 weeks.

“Listen, this was a fun time. But I honestly don’t know why – this looks fucking weird.”

Abhay sighed and got up, not bothering to cover for anyone because the orchestra had magically disappeared.
“I don’t expect you to understand. But if you’re not doing anything in 2 weeks, I’m off to England. The Glastonbury Festival is happening and my dad wants me there this year and not my twin sister. Apparently, she gets a bit drunk at these events and then doesn’t do her job properly.”
“What?” Sneha stared at him. She didn’t even understand.
“Honey, let’s just say that I AM the God that you thought I was when we first met, by Nina’s hospital bedside.”
And with that, Abhay walked over, stark naked, to the kitchen stove and began collecting ingredients to make omelettes.

“I told you I make a mean omelette. Don’t think about it. It will all become clear later on”

With those words, he beckoned Sneha to start chopping the vegetables. And for the first time in her life, Sneha thought, “Fuck it!”


Excerpts from a cricket diary I’ll never write. Part one.


It’s brilliant snippets of writing about my friend’s cricket heroes! A must read!

Originally posted on Whispering of Snowflakes:

  • Ricky Ponting.

Fierce. Aggressive. Frightening. Vocal. Loud. Opinionated. Outspoken. Competitive. Emotional. You’re all of these and many more.

You’re ‘the’ captain that everyone vows to have. You’re the yearning of every vulnerable mind. You’re hope. You’re the Venus in a moonless night. You’re the myriad of street lights at the end of a tunnel. You came. You conquered. You left. When the skies grew pale, and dusky red, you left. Oh! The one-down maestro of our generation. Oh! The conqueror of the world for 12 mammoth years. You left with pride. And never came back. You left. But, in a corner of my heart, for infinity and beyond it, long may you reign.

  • Chaminda Vaas

“Vaasy!” they clamoured. A brown-skinned guy with a cheeky grin, and the longest name to himself, ran in. He ran in. He delivered. “Bowled ‘em.” They rejoiced at his existence. But when the twilight came…

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Annoyance galore!, BWW pieces, Mind takes over

Krishna and Kanha playing Snakes and Ladders (Fiction)

“Come on Kanha! We are already so late!” Krishna tapped his foot impatiently as he leant against the door of the room of his best friend. “You know how Teacher hates it when we come late to morning class!” “Then stop rushing me! I don’t do well under pressure!” Krishna giggled at the double entendre and earned a whack on the back of his head for it. “Fine. Take your own sweet time. I’m not going to simply get punishment from Teacher because I’m leaving now.” Krishna made the motion of walking away from the door when Kanha barrelled into him, closing the door. “DONE! Phew! Now let’s put your mad F1 skills to use!” “With a 2nd hand Maruti Alto where the gearbox is basically fucked? In your dreams!” Krishna dug into his pockets for his keys and gestured to Kanha to wait near the gate for him to bring the car around. They would make it on time but only if Krishna drove as fast as the Bangalore traffic would allow him.

Morning class was uneventful and a bore to everyone present, except for Yudi. He was the only one who turned up at 9am on a Sunday, fresh faced and wide eyed. The rest were barely keeping their eyes open and didn’t even bother to hide their yawns from Teacher, their 30 something lecturer. It was difficult to explain to normal people about Morning Class. It was a necessary requirement for everyone who had been identified with the powers but utterly useless when it came to the true application of the powers. “Why does the God Almighty insist on having these classes when they basically do jack shit?” Kanha moaned as he stretched his legs when they finished class. Their daily routine was to go get some chai and a smoke at the nearby coffee shop. “I’ve even asked my dad this and the great Mr. Kumar has no idea why!” “They never had these classes during his time, right? Lucky bastards!” “Kanha, there were no women in his regular classes during that time. Lucky it seems!” Krishna shoved him as they reached Rajesh’s Tea Shop and gave their usual order. Kanha pulled out their favourite pack of cigarettes, Snakes and Ladders, which had a picture of a man climbing a ladder and being chased by a snake. He gave one to Krishna and lit his own, passing the lighter as his lungs filled with the first drag of the day. “Ah! This is the life! Chai and smokes!” Krishna laughed as his friend stared into the pothole right next to the trash can, their usual spot. “I have an idea. You know how all the professors keep telling us that we should practice our powers at home.” “Yeah…” Kanha looked at the taller man warily. “So I was thinking, my sister was gifted this really old board game set, like from the 60s!” “Dude! Nothing like Jumanji and all! I cannot deal with dinosaurs coming to life!” Kanha’s powers were giving life to inanimate objects and Krishna’s powers were telekinesis (and telepathy, only he didn’t know that yet). Very rare and highly dangerous powers, if they weren’t controlled. “Are you sure you have an idea of what we can do?” “Listen, just come over at 5 today in the evening after your guitar class and I’ll tell you. Bring some rum also. The folks aren’t at home and Sharada is going out with her boyfriend.” Kanha nodded in agreement as he stubbed out his cigarette and picked up his bag. He wondered if today could be the day where he actually learned to control his power.

5pm rolled around soon enough and Kanha was in an auto on his way to Krishna’s house, armed with packets of chips and bottles of rum. They were men and therefore they didn’t need Coke or soda to drink with rum. Kanha banged the door with his foot and heard the 5 locks being turned (Mr.Kumar was a paranoid man, even with his son being gifted with powers) as his friend exclaimed, “Dude, Sharada got Snakes and Ladders! What fun we are going to have, bro!” Kanha slumped his shoulders. Snakes better than dinosaurs? How that was even a choice? They quickly settled down in the living room and Kanha got to watch the Austrian GP in its entirety. By the time the drivers were getting sprayed with champagne on the winner’s podium, the boys (or men as they liked to be called) were already drunk. Krishna got up with a surprising amount of control and raised his hand, “My dear friend, let the games begin!” Kanha clapped wildly and proceeded to clear the area full of empty cigarette butts and chips packets. The game was being held very gingerly by Krishna as it should have been, for it was one of the original Snakes and Ladders boards made. They chose a playing piece each and then proceeded to meditate.

Krishna’s aim was to move the pieces on the board as the game progressed while Kanha had to make at least one ladder (and hopefully not a snake) come to life. Both boys weren’t worried about their state of inebriation affecting their powers because they were confident in their abilities. Kanha should have been less confident because as they played, his hand waved at the board and suddenly there were 3 snakes, hissing at both of them. “OH FUCK!” “Dude! I said ladder and not snake!” “I knew this would happen!” “Wait. Look at them.” Krishna poked Kanha in the ribs to get his attention. The snakes were coiling around the sofa and staring at the boys. They weren’t making any movements which creeped Kanha out to the core. “Do snakes chase people?” Kanha looked at Krishna in shock and then burst out laughing! “Wanna try? Run around the house and see!” Krishna looked at him in bewilderment and joined in the laughter. The snakes simply looked on in wonderment. “What is happening?” “I do not know, little one. It seems the smaller alien has brought us to life!” “Is that a good thing? Why are they laughing?” “Because apparently they think we chase aliens.”

It was a weird sight to behold when Mr and Mrs Kumar entered the house the next day at 10. The two boys were encircling a row of empty rum bottles and an abandoned Snakes and Ladders game. The 3 snakes were curled up in one of the holes in the sofas due to the artistic design. Just another day in the life of Krishna and Kanha, was the thought running through the mind of Mr.Kumar as he approached the snoring males to ask them for an explanation.

Annoyance galore!, BWW pieces, Mind takes over

3rd step on the podium (Creative Non-Fiction)

“Can you help us?” I closed my book and shifted to the left to make space for the younger girl to sit. I looked at her and knew instantly what she wanted to ask me. “No. I’ve already told Geetika that I won’t do it and now I’m telling you.” Goutami looked at me with her doe shaped eyes. As I was staring at her with my fiercest rejection face, I realized why all the boys in school kept gushing over her – she was the epitome of symmetry. I continued to gawk at her for a few minutes before grabbing my book once more. “Tanya, please! If you do this, I’ll do anything for you!” I raised an eyebrow at her and sniggered, “Babe, there’s really nothing that you can do for me! And even if you could, I wouldn’t do this. Honestly, I do not want to embarrass myself!” “But do it for the house! Don’t you love the house?” She looked at me, the innocence of a 14 year old glaring in front of me. I was only 4 years older to her but I felt a generation gap between us. If I was being truthful, the house was something that I loved and despite all the troubles I had gone through with Arpit, I genuinely liked being a part of something bigger at school.

It was nearly a week after that conversation in my dorm room and I had forgotten about Goutami’s desperate attempts to convince me. It was afternoon study time and I was walking out of the library, arms filled with books when a bespectacled figure jumped in front of me. “Jeez Ashna! You scared me there! I almost dropped the books!” “Ok why won’t you take part in the competition?” Oh god, not her as well! “Because I don’t want to embarrass myself! What’s the point anyway? It’s not like we aren’t going to win the Sports Championship!” “But if there are two swimmers from our house and there are only 3 participants, doesn’t that make a difference?” “How do you know there are two swimmers?” By this time, I had reached the door of my classroom and was waiting for a response from Ashna. “Ok we are going to talk about this after games. Wait for me during snacks and I’ll convince you.” “Yeah, let’s see you try!” And I thought that would be the end of it.

As I sat in the classroom, organising my desk and opening my laptop, I wondered why I was so adamant about not even considering the option to participate in the event. I knew what Ashna said was true. The Super Senior Girls category in the swimming events had only 2 proper swimmers (out of which only one girl was in the school team) and one of the swimmers was from my house. I didn’t even care about the fact that I would be winning a medal in sports for the first time in my schooling life and how ironic it was that it would be in my last year of schooling. Deep down in the pits of my stomach, I was terrified of swimming in front of people. A few friends and family was fine during vacations, but in front of my juniors and some people who I didn’t even like – that was the most daunting prospect that faced me. Not to mention I had no clue how to dive properly and was too afraid to even try learning it on my own. This is what I told Ashna when I met her during snacks. “But Tanya, I’ll teach you how to dive! It’s really simple and you’ll need to do it for one event only!” Background – Ashna was also part of the school swimming team but she was in the category below me. “What do you mean one event? I thought I only needed to take part in one event – breast stroke!” She fiddled with her hands – a sign that she was about to tell me something that I didn’t like. “Oh god! Don’t tell me……..” “You know back stroke as well, right?” “Yeah yeah yeah sign me up.” “GEETHIKA SHE AGREED!” I bent my head into my hands and tried not to think about the ways the boys in my class would mercilessly make fun of me. Geethika looked so happy at my decision and I faked a smile as the warden called us all back in to the dorm.

The days till the final day went by quickly. My sister was coming down for the 3 day Sports Mela and she was very excited about my participation in the swimming events. The one class that I took with Ashna teaching me how to dive was witnessed by a couple of pigeons and Arpit, who happened to be practising in the other lane. And yes, he too was part of the school swimming team. If that wasn’t mortifying, I gave up learning how to dive after the skin on my torso became tomato red from hitting the water with force instead of cutting through the water, like I was supposed to do. The palpitations increased as February 14th came near and the sleep became non-existent the night before D-Day. My friends thought the only way to cheer me up was to tease me and that did more harm than good. There was nothing anyone could have done to bring me out of my misery except for burning the school down and effectively cancelling Sports Day (or like how our school used to call it, Khel Mela)

The day dawned and even though the event was scheduled to be the final one of the day (because the universe was torturing me for fun), I couldn’t even concentrate on the dominance that our house displayed (which had been going on for a few years before I joined school as well). I was only focussed on getting through those two events without embarrassing myself like slipping in the pool and hitting my head or forgetting how to swim and drowning. Neither of those things would have happened but my mind didn’t take that into account. The clock ticked on and it was 4pm. I was dressed in my swimsuit, cap, and goggles and was shivering at the edge. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my sister sitting along with my friends, waving and cheering for me even though there was no competition at all. The next 5 minutes were a blur to me. I only remember a brief moment when Arpit caught my eye and seemed to smile at me. For all I know, I could have been delirious from the sudden rush of adrenaline and he might have been simply looking at me. But I was content to keep that memory in mind as the next event began. For the life of me, those 5 minutes were also a blur to me and before I could even wrap a towel around me, I was hugged by Ashna (who had finished her events before me) and my sister. “I’m so proud of you!” “Akka, it was nothing. There was literally nothing that I had to do.” “No but you’re my baby and you did so well. Dad would have been so proud of you. But you do need a new swimsuit.” I smiled at her, thinking of how my father would have embarrassed me by whistling throughout the entire race. I went into the changing room to wash up and came back outside to receive the medals.

2 bronze medals in breast stroke and back stroke – I could honestly never imagine that happening ever again. The euphoria of completing those races and not being utterly embarrassed by the experience was overwhelming. Even one of the boys who made fun of how I looked came up to me and said, “Damn Tanya, didn’t think you could complete the race. But you did it. Props, man. Congo!” I shook the hand he offered and watched him shuffle away in amazement. That was the same reaction I got as I entered the dining hall during dinner from a lot of people. I seemed to have inspired many to congratulate me on my bravery as if I had just saved a child from a burning building. As I was listening to how one of my friends defended me in front of some junior who was cackling on about my likeness to a hippo in water, a finger tapped me on the shoulder and everyone became quiet. “Hey. Just wanted to tell you that you were good. Not national zone level good, but good.” I looked down and didn’t meet eye contact with Arpit but I could recognise how genuine he was trying to be. “Thanks. Wasn’t really that big of a deal though.” “Haha, come on. 3rd step on the podium? Not many people will even guess that about you.” I looked up at him, all 6 foot 2 inches of him, as he walked away, turning back to smile at me. That was the only thing I would remember from that day, 3rd step on the podium.

BWW pieces, Mind takes over

His daughter (Fiction)

What does immortality mean? Why do humans crave it so much? What is the point of living forever when there is no end in sight? These were the questions that ran through my head as I came out of the cinema hall. My husband and I had just watched ‘The Age of Adaline’ and I was chewing my lower lip, racking my brain for the answers to these questions. As he hailed a taxi to take us to the Chinese restaurant which served hot dumplings at 1am, I leant against the telephone pole, lighting a cigarette and inhaling the fumes that came with every city.

My husband was unusually quiet on the taxi ride to the restaurant. It was the norm for us to animatedly discuss the plot and characters of every movie we watch after we come out of the hall. But for some reason, today he didn’t even bring up the fact that the dog in the movie reminded him of our friend’s cocker spaniel. I nudged him and whispered, “Do you need some time to yourself?” He turned and looked at me with a frown on his face. “Baby, I need to tell you something.” The taxi stopped outside Wang’s Kitchen and interrupted my husband. I got out of the taxi and was going to make my way to the door when my husband grabbed my arm and took me into the nearby alleyway. “Woah there! What’s the matter? Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?” My husband’s face was the colour of the ash from the cigarette that I’d just lit. His hands were trembling as they pushed me into the darkness of the alley. I’d never seen him so terrified before. Not even when we gone on the scariest rollercoaster in the entire world. I puffed out smoke rings and said, “Ok. Now you’re freaking me out! Can we talk inside? It’s getting cold!” “NO! I should have told you this a long time back. But then we watched the movie and now I cannot stop thinking about it.”
I was getting rather worried now. What could he be hiding from me? He definitely wasn’t immortal because we had been married for 3 years now and his hair was turning grey well before I met him. Imagine if he was immortal! I scolded my mind for the digression and wondered. What secret was he keeping from me that he was reminded of only when he watched the movie? Then it dawned on me. “Honey, do you have a child about whom you haven’t told me?” His shoulders slumped and he began to cry. “Oh sweetie! I’m so sorry! It’s just that in the last scene, I was reminded of how Tara (his girlfriend before me) was so in love with my daughter that when we broke up, Tina (his daughter) was so hurt. That’s when I vowed that unless I get married again, I will never introduce her to any of my girlfriends.”

I should have been angrier. I should have screamed my head off and caused a commotion. But somehow, in that dark alley, with my husband weeping and shaking as he was overcome with emotion, I realised that he was truly afraid of losing me. I bent down and stubbed my cigarette out. I wrapped him in my arms, the big baby, and whispered into his hair, “Honey, it’s alright. Why don’t I go pack up some dumplings and we can eat them at home? Then you can tell me all the ways in which you hid your daughter from me.” He wiped his nose with the sleeve of his sweater. “So you’re not mad? Gosh I didn’t realise that I would be telling you here!” “Well if we had gotten married the conventional way, we wouldn’t be having this conversation now, would we?” He smiled and stood up. “Alright then, let’s go have some food. I’m starving!” I grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly. “I wouldn’t change how we got married for the world. We’re just two blokes in love and if no one can see that, then I don’t care!” I smiled at him and pulled him into a hug. We were indeed two blokes in love and I couldn’t wait to meet Tina!

BWW pieces, Mind takes over

Jenny and Edison – the story of every lifetime (Fiction)

Her eyes were a soft hazel colour. His eyes were a dark bottle green. Her hair was as yellow as the rising sun. His was greying prematurely. They saw each other three times before they were to properly speak to each other.

The first was across a library – a public library for neither of them were in school nor university. Jenny loved the smell of libraries ever since her father took her to her first one when she was but a child. She also appreciated the smell of a freshly printed book, waiting to be bought off the shelves of a bookstore, as any sane book lover would. But the smell of books that have gone through several personal libraries and gained that unique smell that makes up libraries. Whispers flitting through the shelves as people struggle to maintain their voices in conversation with strangers. Books have a way of connecting people like no other inanimate object. Edison was searching through the news archives for his parents’ wedding announcement for their 50th wedding anniversary. He wanted to build a frame especially for this occasion because the one that they had framed when they got married was burnt down in a fire. They crossed each other near the magazine stand. He was looking down at his phone and caught the scent of mango and vanilla – her perfume. That pulled his gaze upwards and at that exact moment as well, she bumped her head into his chest. They weren’t exactly of the same height – Jenny and Edison. 2 pairs of eyes locked and a hint of red creeped up Jenny’s cheeks.

The second time they saw each other was in a completely different setting. Jenny was celebrating her promotion at work while Edison was celebrating the dawn of the weekend – as most people do. The scene was at the new hip club, The Insomniac’s Pill, that had opened 2 weeks before this second chance meeting. Jenny was already 5 drinks down (her personal favourite – JD and coke) while Edison was taking his chances with the cocktail of the night – coconut water with vodka and chilli. Surprisingly, he was able to keep it down by doing several deep breathing rounds. He was standing at the bar and waiting for his drink to be given to him. He had lost count of how many he had already consumed and was waiting for the moment when his brain caught up with his stomach and put an end to it all. Doing one of his deep breathing rounds, he took a giant whiff of a spicy scent and just got a glimpse of blonde locks before passing out. He managed to hit his forehead on the glass platform of the bar but not hit anything else on his way down to the greasy club floor. The first thing that Jenny noticed about the man who had suddenly slumped next to her was his startling grey hair. She bent down to see if he was alright and realised that his face was wrinkle-free. Her mental capacities were working well enough that she could make out that he was simply unconscious. The manager suddenly appeared next to her while the grey haired man fluttered his eyelids, lying on her lap. He smiled at her, a sweet smile with a hint of a dimple beneath his contrasting black beard before vomiting onto the floor.

The third time they saw each other was at the finish line of the New York Half Marathon. He was a volunteer at the medical tent while she was running the marathon as part of her ‘Things to do on the Bucket List’. Jenny was a track athlete back in high school but that was 10 years ago. She would visit the gym regularly and kept herself in good shape considering her rather hectic working schedule and the fact that she needed to have a giant tub of cheese popcorn every time she went for a movie (which was every Saturday morning). Edison always had a secret ambition to become a nurse but after the fire, his parents had to put their savings into buying another house which meant medical school was out of the picture. He reconciled himself with the decision by taking local paramedic classes and becoming certified as a first aid respondent for marathons and other such big events. One could almost call him a freelance nurse – which is exactly what his sister calls him every chance she gets. He never understood the fascination of becoming a doctor and always put up with his friends teasing him about it. But that never put him off from learning everything he could about nursing – except that he never studied to become a proper nurse. All the runners of the Half Marathon were expected to get a proper medical check-up done – heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle reaction – at the end of the marathon. As Jenny was waiting in line, the grey hair that was imprinted in her memory from 3 months ago moved into her eye line. She didn’t realise it at that time, but she was about to meet her soulmate. But she had no clue. She ended up in front of his table and held her wrist out for him to take her pulse. He took a deep breath and his olfactory senses were hit with a mixture of sweat and orange juice. He wrinkled his nose and bent down to wrap her arm in the blood pressure cuff when his face was brushed by her hair and his mind was hit with a flood of memories. He looked up and cracked his neck but shrugged the pain away as he realised that the angelic beauty standing in front of him was someone that he had met before. If only he could remember where he had met her but was interrupted by the pressure reading beeping. He turned around to put his equipment back and was about to ask her a question as he turned back around when he saw an empty chair in front of him. He sighed as he stood up to stretch his full frame, thinking it would be futile in finding her in the melee that was presented before him.

3 chance meetings – 3 encounters that fate/destiny/the cherubic baby that hovers around with heart shaped pointy arrows had set up. They didn’t even know each other’s names and yet the last time they both met, they felt invisible strings pulling them together.

It was the 30th of March, 2015 – what Jenny and Edison both knew as their birthdays. Both were born at 1:30pm – Jenny on a Monday in 1987 and Edison on a Sunday in 1986 and were celebrating their respective birthdays in two different restaurants across town. But that was the day they were to speak to each other for the first time in their entire lives.

28 year old Jenny was diagnosed as ‘dumb’ or having no speech at the age of 2. Her parents weren’t worried when her twin brother began speaking at 9 months but when Jenny began making noises only at the age of 2, her mother’s friend suggested that the family visit a child therapist. It was on that day that they discovered that Jenny’s voice box had a genetic defect and was essentially unworkable for the rest of her life.
29 year old Edison was diagnosed as ‘dumb’ or having no speech at the age of 2. His parents were well aware of the possibility of having a ‘dumb’ child because his father’s sisters were both ‘dumb’. They used to take him for regular medical check-ups because they were thoroughly paranoid parents – the kind who looked up symptoms of a cold on the internet and realised that their child had meningitis. The doctor confirmed their suspicions but unsurprisingly his parents were prepared for the verdict.

Both children led rather regular and normal lives – as much as two children who couldn’t form words even though they had perfectly intelligent minds and good sense. Edison was taught sign language in the same class as his parents and sister – his aunts ran a special learning centre for the deaf and dumb. Jenny was admitted into a regular school where the teachers were as kind with her as her parents. Her infectious smile and bouncy blonde curls made her a favourite amongst the students and soon everyone in the school learnt sign language – taught by Edison’s aunts.

College was a different scenario because it was about living in the real world. Jenny had never lived away from her parents but she had her twin brother to integrate her better into the world of hormonal 20 somethings. Edison was all alone. It wasn’t smooth sailing for either of them but they got a taste of what the world is really like when all you can say is “Ah”. Interestingly, when they did have sex (with separate people), it didn’t involve much of words. And as they had learnt earlier, there was a lot that could be done with fingers and hands.

28 year old Jenny was standing outside a cupcake shop at 1:30am on the 1st of April, 2015. Her brain was fuzzy after downing a bottle of champagne. She might have been drooling on the window glass at rows and rows of marzipan decorated cupcakes.

29 year old Edison was standing outside the same cupcake shop at 1:30am on the 1st of April, 2015. His brain was relatively clear despite having finished an entire bottle of champagne. He was drooling on the window glass at the freshly baked cupcakes that were being taken out of the oven.

Both of them made their way towards the door and promptly got stuck. Being a gentleman, Edison opened the door for Jenny who blushed and shook her head, motioning him to go first since he was being so kind. It took them 5 minutes of standing out in the cold before the lady at the counter exclaimed “Honey, why don’t you both come inside? Was wondering how long it would take for you both to decide to come in!” They both slinked in with the aura of a child who broke their mother’s favourite china set. The lady, now significantly engrossed in her kneading, lifted her head up to point at the display case and said “You children make a wonderful couple. Why don’t you go and pick yourselves out something nice to eat and let it be on the house?”

Jenny and Edison looked at each other properly for the first time. She registered his grey hair and smiled as she remembered the times that she had seen him but not really looked at him. This made her blush which reminded Edison of the encounter that they had in the library. They both smiled widely as it dawned upon them that they had met several (only 3 but who’s counting?) times earlier. Having settled down with a cupcake each, Edison pulled out his notebook which he used to tell people that he couldn’t speak. At the same time, Jenny pulled out her notebook, also used for the same purpose. They both laughed at each other, silent noises to the lady behind the counter who understood that both were dumb. “Well they certainly found love in a hopeless place!” She murmured as she made a mental note to tell her husband, who would be fast asleep right now, the rickety fan adding to the noise in the apartment above.

They talked about their families and their difficulties in school and college. They compared stories about both sets of parents being worried when they moved to the city. The conversation was effortless and as the sun began to change the colours in the sky, they had already exchanged numbers.

The path that lay ahead of them was unblemished, like the sea shore that’s just been kissed by the waves. But this was just the beginning.


Fully focussed on writing now – Baby steps

So recently, my life has taken a turn in a weird direction. In a span of 2 weeks, things have been turned upside down and new developments are beginning to take place. And I’ve started a writing workshop that I hope will make me improve my writing style so that I can successfully complete a novel that has been in progress (the idea of writing a novel and not the novel per say) since 5th grade (2003!)

So from now onwards, almost every week, I will be posting pieces that I’ve written and submitted in my writing workshop.

Feel free to comment and criticise them!