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Sports and Men – What is it really about?

I have been getting up at 5:30 (IST) to work out at my apartment gym for aesthetic reasons. Recently reasons for me getting up early have increased, what with my interest in sports rising. Watching the 2013 edition of the Australian Open(it’s the first Grand Slam of the tennis season) before I leave for college and returning early from college just to catch the last few minutes of the telecast has made me realise one thing – I LOVE SPORTS!

Now I completely understand why most men (I don’t make generalisations) can get glued to the TV at completely odd hours simply to watch sweaty men (and sometimes women) battle it out in a contest of wits and brawn. Whether it’s the extremely fast paced game of football or basketball, or a more long drawn match of tennis or cricket, or even a dangerous (some may say) sport of motor racing or F1, I seem to find hidden reserves of energy to scream at the TV whenever the team/player that I support doesn’t succeed.

I get it! It’s about your determination, hard work, perseverance, mental and physical capabilities. But also there’s just something so exciting about people playing competitive sports which gets your adrenaline levels sky-rocketing (never mind what it does to the players itself) Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find women discussing the latest cricket match or how amazing a particular tennis player serves. But unfortunately like most things in this world, men still consider sports to be their domain. Because as they say it, what we women look for while watching sports is not the game but who plays the game!

I’ll completely agree with that but I have a defense too! When women watch sports, both played by men and women, we not only appreciate the skill and depth of their playing capabilities, but also appreciate what kind of clothes they wear, how cute or handsome they look and a general overview of the player. We look at the big picture and thus there’s nothing wrong in that, what say my fellow sports-watching women?


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