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Courtesy et chivalry – Dead or like a tortoise?

Courtesy – a quality not unknown nowadays but rarely seen today, a quality valued always though. Wouldn’t you like it if a random stranger held the door open when your hands are full? Or if while driving someone gave you leeway at a junction? You must be thinking – What on earth is this girl talking about? But these fascinating and unimaginable things actually used to happen! That was when there was more humanity in humans than there is today. In this fast-paced world (so clichéd, but can’t help it) the rat race accommodates only those who are able to cope with the swirling times. And how will you have time to be kind and generous to others when you can barely take care of yourself?

Now I’m not being a pessimist neither am I going to be an optimist… What’s left, you say.. Possibly just a wishful person wondering if stories can come true. Fairytales and reality are two poles apart, is what I feel! Then again, it’s not like I’ve lived my life as yet.. So can I be a true judge of whether chivalry is still alive in this world?

Not that I haven’t had scores of friends of different types of personalities, but I have yet to see a true gentleman. True there are certain boys that come close to the eternal chivalrous man in terms of how they worry if I’m going to get home safely and take care of me if I ever need any help. But the perfect man (as Raymond would market their suits to be for) is still a pipe dream for me. Courtesy and chivalry are also not only qualities men should have but women like me also should care for other human beings. But what with women being mothers and sisters and daughters, they are generally pushed into this category from the time they can speak!

Prejudices or no prejudices – I firmly believe the following

1. When it is freezing and you as a woman have no jacket, the man you are with should ALWAYS offer you his jacket for comfort

2. A lady should ALWAYS be the first to enter or exit a room with a man ALWAYS holding the door open for her

3. If a man sees a woman struggling with her bags, he should ALWAYS help her carry the bags till her car or wherever.

Hence all men reading this post, man up and be a gentleman to the women in your life. ‘Cuz ultimately, you always are being taken care of by her and you need to do something in return!


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