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College and life – Unforgettable experiences!!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘college’? 
Boys (or in the case of boys girls, or according to your choice!)

Since I’m still in college, I have rich experience of what happens. And I can tell you with certainty – the world may be becoming globalised… But college still stays the same. 
My sister graduated nearly 5 years ago, my parents a very long time ago, my grandparents even longer, but we share similar experiences (using the word ‘similar’ very loosely) College is where you are thrust into the real world but at the same time can still maintain the sense of being taken care of. It’s the place where you learn new things, things you have never heard of before, where you do new things, things you have never done before, where you meet different people, people you have DEFINITELY NEVER met before. It’s all about the ‘nouveau’ factor in college. And for those reading this and who study in a university, yeah chill out, this happens to you guys too!

It’s the simple things in life that make you smile, is what I agree. So today, my class had a quiz for Economics class. Like all tests, the possibility of cheating is always present. And like all class quiz without proper supervision, cheating is going to be rampant. Now be fairly warned – I don’t condone cheating of any kind like in sports or competitions. But a 10 mark quiz that you are taking and will probably never remember and while you are sitting 1/2 m away from your friends… Come on teachers, get FREAKING real! We are bound to cheat…. And that’s exactly what we did! *devilish smile while I’m writing this*

To all those teachers out there who despair against such students (including my very competent mother) I’m sorry but that’s just how students go. College students are thus no different. In a way, college is like the limbo stage between school and working life – You are an adult but made to sit in classes, listen, take notes and write exams. You are also at the same time supposed to be responsible and branch out into other activities which will ultimately help you succeed in whichever career path you choose to take. So when such conflicting responsibilities are put forth to you, you cannot help but be confused. And thus is the motto of my life, and all other college students out there.

But whatever is said and done about this ever-present confusion, playing cricket with your female classmates and subsequently getting locked out of History class has a funny element to it indeed. Bunking an entire day of college just to go watch a movie of your most favourite actor is bizarre but it happens. Also a secret – We college students are supposed to be the future of our country, but we guys have no idea what the hell we are doing in college, ESPECIALLY the arts students (no offense but hey, I’m an arts student too)

If you hated college because you had no friends, or if you loved college because you found your life partner while walking down the hallways, college will forever have a special place in everyone’s heart (even those who didn’t go….. *evil smile*)


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