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Fantasies (DO NOT GET ANY WRONG IDEAS…Now that I’ve said it, everyone will)

Fantasy implies something that you truly and desperately wish to happen for you. Yes, it’s only good things (‘cuz which weirdo would want bad things to happen to them, right?) For the extremely lucky people, it comes true all the time. For the relatively lucky people, it comes true half the time. And for people like me, who have sucky luck, it comes true rarely. Now a scholar here and there may ask – Say, what is the difference between a fantasy and a dream? Ok definition time – Fantasy means “The faculty or activity of imagining things that are impossible or improbable” (Courtesy – Google dictionary) and dream means “A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep”

So then technically (‘cuz I’m all about technicalities nowadays) a fantasy can be a dream. But can a dream be a fantasy? I don’t know. And well, I kinda don’t care also. So anyway, what fantasies truly mean to each one of us is that not only do we dream about something that we want, but it is also highly improbable and impossible that we will ever achieve it!

Now this meaning truly shatters my heart because I have had dreams (oops) fantasies about marrying this particular football star for a while now. Also a cricket player, a tennis star and an actor (Whichever one I meet first, not particularly choosy) I know that’s highly improbable and impossible, but hey… Doesn’t stop me from fantasizing. 

On the other hand, I dream to marry a guy with eyes as blue as the clearest of lakes and with an Australian accent so perfect that it makes you wanna go “Righto matey!” That’s a dream that I know can be achieved to the extent of the Aussie accent but clear blue eyes? I dunno. 

My friend and I were discussing today about fantasies while I was standing on the road waiting for an auto. She has a thing for British guys and I in the same way for guys with an Australian accent (not that British guys are any less awesome but she called dibs). So we decided and made a pact – Wherever in the world we are, and even if we are not in touch, if we both see a guy that fits the description of the other’s dream guy (to be explained later) we will immediately…… Wait for it….. Facebook each other (that’s right, we are children of the 21st century) and convey details accordingly. Now that’s what I call a probable fantasy. 🙂

One of my favourite fantasies is the notion of the perfect guy (or girl or whatever) It’s so like out there and unachievable that sometimes you just believe that it may not happen. And every relationship thereafter is based on that perfect guy. So here is my perfect fantasy guy as follows:

1. The most gorgeous eyes ever to be seen on this planet (yes, I do know that they exist. It’s gotta be out there somewhere) I am obsessed with eyes.

2. Tall (like wayy tall. Not hard when you are 5 feet 2 1/2 inches)

3. A killer smile to match my cute-ass dimple (like Matty McKibben on ‘Awkward’)

4. To dedicate his life to pampering me (Like my daddy always would for all the ladies in his life <3)

5. To be able to charm the pants off anyone (but still love me the most) like a certain Bollywood superstar

6. A temperament to match a certain retired Indian men’s cricket player from Bangalore

and finally

7. To love me for all my craziness and stupidity, for my OCD and my squeaky voice, for my moods and my seriousness, for my bossiness and my kindness.

I know girls, it’s hard. We have grown up on fairy tales that tell us about Prince Charming, coming to rescue us from a tower on his shining white horse. But now, there are a lot of Prince Borings to get through before you finally find your Prince(ss) Charming. But until that time, fantasies can keep you happy. Just don’t set it as your benchmark or you might end up with no Prince at all!



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