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Primping oneself – Such an ego boost, I say!

Ladies, don’t we all love going to the parlour? Entering normal and coming out dressed to the nines! And what torture we go through there just to achieve one tiny result – Looking slightly cleaner than we were before we entered the parlour. Sometimes, when I have had a particularly horrendous plucking and hot wax experience (yup, those exist. Especially in places where the ladies are born without feelings!) I imagine criminals being tortured to give up information by waxing their legs and hands. And knowing those men, they got no time to make themselves look pretty! So therefore “somebody gonna getta hurt reaaal bad” (Russell Peters, thank you)

But all jokes aside, nowadays men too have started to frequent their version of parlours, especially actors and models. ‘Cuz gone are the 90s when men in movies used to look hot with hair poking out of their shirts like shy brides. Now everyone wants smooth and clean! (Goes both ways, I might add) And it’s not restricted to the hair on your body. There’s the pedicure, which basically is like giving your feet a right good beating for skin dying on it and a manicure which is like giving the younger child a good beating – softer but painful nonetheless.

But I feel that one experience in a parlour is not only the least painful but also the most enjoyable. Think on it for a while, mull over your monthly (weekly?) parlour visits (yes those men who are closet parlour visitors too) and figure it out. ‘Cuz I’m not going to give up the answer that easily……… Wait, yes I am! It’s getting your hair cut. I visited the parlour today and got myself a ‘cute’ haircut. It’s short but fits perfectly, shows my curls off and also bounces up and down. All in all, it looks AWESOME! Hence the major ego boost.

But once the blow dry vanishes and my hair comes back to reality, my ego also returns to normal size. Some say, (well actually it’s just me but you guys will get the hang of it soon) going to a parlour for around 2 to 3 hours is like going on a vacation. You prepare meticulously beforehand what you need to get done. You spend time there and are treated like the most treasured guest ever. The after effects of the trip also leave you feeling ethereal and relaxed. But once the bubble shows signs of bursting, you realize that everything was simply a diversion to actual cold, hard reality that you simply needed to escape.

This sort of experience I have almost anywhere. A movie theatre, a book store, a restaurant, an actual vacation and so on. It’s something that we all need once in a while to recharge our batteries. Some people might say, “No you cannot escape reality. You must be thinking about global and serious issues all the time. You need to brush up on your philosophy and theology.” To them, I say – Escaping from you is yet another form of escaping from reality. Then there is the other extreme, “Duuuuude there is no reality. We are actually living in an illusion.” To them I say – Yeah sure dude whatever!

One man’s food is another man’s poison. So I really don’t care, as long as I always am able to go to the parlour, once a month! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Primping oneself – Such an ego boost, I say!

  1. hahaha, enjoyed the read!! i used to visit parlors once in a while, but only for haircuts, hair straightening, hair spa, and other services associated with hair.

    will check out the other two posts which you have submitted on indi


  2. yes me too!! a mini vacation soon to come!!! but i dont think i would ever be in a situation like you were in (oops!!) although i know many boys who frequent parlours


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