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Fingers hurting….. Mind boggled….. Wait increased….

3 hours and 46 minutes (more or less) – the length of the Australian Open men’s singles final, 2013. 4 hours and 54 minutes – the length of the US Open men’s singles final, 2012. 3 months and some number of days – counting down to when I reach my final year!! Yes, children, you might have never guessed, but I’m going to tell you, exams are upon us! Those tools that teachers use to test whether we had been listening for their particular hour in class. Months of hours and pages of notes all crammed into one 3 hour (or 2 hour in my case here) test that has maximum ten questions. Now people who know me as an acquaintance will assume that I study everyday for two hours and that’s how I get those marks that I get. People who know me well enough might be a little confused about my studying pattern. And for those people who really know me well, they guess and guess as to how many hours it actually takes for me to finish one subject. So here’s the kicker people – 2 days before the tests is when I actually start studying. Because believe it or not – exams and me, we have a love-hate relationship going on since my kindergarten days. It ain’t pretty for a third party to see. And frankly, the only exams I actually study for are the ones that actually matter – not these two hour tests that is going to contribute to 15% (almost) of my grade for one semester out of 6. Puh-lease.

And hence, especially during exam time, I tend to digress more than is usual of my behaviour. Two things – one I read super fast, like 30 seconds for one page which I’m told is fast. So hence I finish my notes fast. And two, I cannot rote learn for nuts. How I remember things is by reading them over and over again. That’s the secret, people! Use it if you want to or don’t. I don’t care.

But what is the point of telling all this? When I was recently (like an hour ago from the time of the blog post) watching a tennis tournament final, I realised that a lot of things in life are like exams and tests. You are prepped and trained and advised on this one particular event which culminates in either you achieving a good or bad result. After that, you are sort of left with this empty feeling which is fulfilled only when the next test or exam comes. This doesn’t mean that I love exams. Like I said before, exams and I have a love-hate relationship. We acknowledge each other’s existence but choose to put up with it for the sake of humanity! (how dramatic) But at the same time, I know what a vital role exams play in my life. Because if it were not for exams, how would we justify celebrations right after them? πŸ˜‰ Or how could I be so organised in my life which started only because I wanted to do well in my exams?

So in truth, I have to thank exams for a lot. And not just the ones that I faced in school or right now in college, but the ones that I face daily in life…. Because, in reality, everyone needs a test now and then to remind them of their weaknesses and praise them about their strengths. If you ask me, it’s a super ego boost! And who doesn’t love that?


2 thoughts on “Fingers hurting….. Mind boggled….. Wait increased….

  1. last minute studying … I was not like that until I reached my second year of engg. And now in the final year… exams and tests don’t even give us any tension… had so many of them.


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