Annoyance galore!

Top 5 things that annoy me (hoping for agreement with 50% of the list)

When one thinks of the things that annoy them, their blood begins to boil and their cheeks become flushed. Their heartbeat starts to increase and their eyesight becomes blurry. Their breathing becomes short and fast and ultimately they tend to explode. Now there are a lot of things that make me angry – eve-teasing, the TV channel suddenly disconnecting during a football match, the restaurant taking 1 hour longer than expected to bring my food. But difference between anger and annoyance – now I turn to the faithful dictionary at hand.

Anger (according to the Google dictionary) means a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility. Annoyance (again according to the Google dictionary) means the feeling or state of being annoyed. It can also mean something that annoys you, a nuisance. So according to the faithful Google dictionary, there really is no difference. An interesting thought (to be discussed in a later blog post) is how the words ‘anger’ and ‘annoyance’ seem to project their meanings through the appearance of the words.

So to begin my list in the fashion of most lists, starting from no. 5

5. Little children acting too big for their age. There are these two groups of boys, one around 10 to 12 years of age and the other group 14 to 17 years of age. They take turns in playing outside my window, the former playing till 6 and the latter coming to play at 6:30 till 9. What annoys me terribly is not how loudly they play, but what they say while they play. While the little boys decide to act like college kids and scream out abuses (age-appropriate sometimes only), the older boys decide to act like professional football teams and scream as if they are playing in front of millions.

4. Incompetent waiters. My parents were different in that when parents would never take their kids out for dinner, my parents would take my sister and I out for dinner around thrice a week. Not because they were lazy to cook and clean but simply because they loved to explore different cuisines which the city where we lived provided. My father took these opportunities to teach my sister and me to be the customer to be valued the most. He would joke around with the waiter and demand service as per the restaurant’s reputation. One famous dialogue of his, if the food was taking long to come to our table, “Will the food come by Christmas?” Therefore it was from him that I learnt to pull up waiters for their incompetency and laziness. A waiter at a regular cafe or a server at a five-star restaurant, I demand that I be treated equal to a regular patron. I COMPLETELY DETEST those restaurants or cafes that assume me being a young woman leads to be being a doormat.

3. Babies in movie theatres. Babies are super adorable. I am completely comfortable with kids and I love kids so much that I even play with random kids in restaurants, shops, airplanes, etc. But a BIG NO-NO for me is when a crying baby disrupts the enjoyment that I have paid for in a movie theatre and the parents are oblivious. My parents, being the cool ones and all, never scrimped on their movie enjoyment and until my sister and I were old enough to behave ourselves in a movie theatre, we were never taken for movies. So a request to all new parents out there, if your child will keep crying throughout the two hours in a movie theatre, buy the DVD and watch the movie at home!

2. Road rage. A total and utter menace in the cities of India with which every Indian that owns a car will agree. I have been the proud owner of a driving license for nearly a year now and have driven a total of 4 months in that one year. Bangalore, the city where I live, is a nuisance to drive in. Two wheelers moving as if they are the only vehicles on the road, buses bumbling about because they really cannot do anything about their size and the size of the roads, big fancy cars swanking about like they own the world, auto-rickshaws speeding about because they think that three-wheelers are something to be worshipped and revered. I’m sorry but please, if rules were not there “Then we would just be savage beings living in trees, swinging our crap at each other”

And for the ultimate pet peeve that I have, which cannot be judged and to this day remains a completely annoying habit for everyone else

1. Bad grammar and pronounciation. With this aspect, I do not claim to be the ‘know-it-all’ in English grammar, considering that English isn’t my first language. But with an increasing number of people, especially in India, learning and speaking English, I simply consider it as a small drop in the ocean if I manage to correct a couple of people on their mistakes so that they do not pass it on and thus become embarrassed. Now I realise that this makes me sound a tad cocky and rude and to that I say – Have you ever done this before?



5 thoughts on “Top 5 things that annoy me (hoping for agreement with 50% of the list)

  1. Hi dear,
    Nice post, but I don’t agree with your last point…grammatical mistakes can happen in a hurry. For eg: you too hav emade a grammatical mistake in the second line…I think you meant to say ‘begins’ instead of ‘beings’ 🙂


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