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Once upon a time…..(Disclaimer – True story)

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Her birth was the most awaited in both families and when she was born, she was showered with love and affection from that time onwards. She was the first of the new generation to be born on both of her parents’ sides and thus pampering her was a common sight. Her parents were newly married and so she was witness to what they call, first hand parenting. But soon, the family began to increase and the girl was joined by another girl. Although she was wary of the new addition to the family who was stealing away all the attention, she began to love her baby sister like her own child (sometimes mothering her too much! ;-)) And so life continued for these two girls and their parents, like any quintessential middle-class family.

The girl was a role model for her baby sister – she followed her around everywhere, trying to copy everything that she did. The girl felt proud and happy that she was being admired and looked up to and thus tried to live up to her baby sister’s expectations. But sometimes the girl would get irritated and annoyed by her baby sister’s constant presence. The parents were not the kind to show favouritism to their children and were mostly impartial to their children. But each girl had their favourite parent with the girl idolising their dad and her baby sister latched onto their mom. They were a happy family, living abroad and spending time together doing family things – discovering new cultures by travelling, watching movies together, making new friends as they moved around.

When the girl entered her adolescence, nothing changed except a few things. She began to develop a very strong and confident character that impressed her teachers and mentors and that her friends admired. Her parents also were very proud of her. But no one was as proud and happy for her as her baby sister. She began to shine in different ways besides academics and soon it became time for her to leave the house and pursue the world as a woman. Although her baby sister was very sad, she knew that it would be her time soon. And the girl was successful in the outside world also – overcoming all obstacles faced by her and succeeding much to the delight of her family!

But tragedy struck when their dad passed away suddenly and it was at this time that the girl was tested to her very limits. It shook the very soul of the family and it was at this time that the girl was able to lean on the baby sister and realise that somewhere along the way, her baby sister grew up.

Now the girl is grown up, happily married and otherwise happy with her life. And this post, as the title indicates is a true story because it is about a girl, a woman and a lady who is the first person I go to when I’m happy, sad, angry, irritated, in trouble or for a bit of gossip! And this is because that special person in my life turned a year older, wiser and more annoying at the same time – My darling sister, I love you very much!


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