Annoyance galore! · Sports

Summertime! :)

Oh the golden rays of the sun are showering down upon us…..Pisscchhhh! I’d rather have snow falling down for 6 months than the heat that is beating down in the erstwhile Garden City of Bangalore! Temperatures that the older generation of Bangalore have unheard of – 36 degrees Celsius. Now to those who have lived in hotter temperatures would scoff at the complaints of the Bangalore citizen. And yes, the first year I lived here I did indeed scoff! But looking back upon my childhood summer vacations, I realised that Bangalore’s hottest temperatures have been at a maximum of 30 degrees. Bangalore was known for its pleasant and cool climate, the word temperate being appropriate here! But with climate changes happening around, it wasn’t any surprise that the climate of our fair city too changed. At least being near the Western Ghats helps Bangalore to have a self-cooling mechanism which brings heavy showers to the area when the temperatures get too high!

Another aspect of these two particular months that is actually welcomed is the two month long vacation for students. This allows them to go holidaying, do the things that they were never allowed to do in the previous two months because of exams and studies, and for the more enterprising – work as an intern, which is what I’m currently doing.

Another fun aspect for those who love watching any form of cricket played by any team is the exciting and entertaining Indian Premier League (IPL) in its 6th edition. This particular T20 domestic league is probably the most flamboyant and star-studded domestic league compared to the ones that happen in the Carribbean, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa and England, to name a few. This fits in perfectly with the Indian’s penchant for anything cricket. Cricketing greats from around the world, including those currently retired from Test or ODI formats, come to stake their claim by trying to tame the highly volatile sub-continental pitches, some of the best in the world!

There are currently 9 teams participating in the IPL this year – Royal Challengers Bangalore (My favourite!), Delhi Daredevils, Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Pune Warriors India, Kings XI Punjab, Sunrisers Hyderbad, Rajasthan Royals. Players from the Indian domestic circuit along with Indian international players and players from South Africa, England, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies and even Holland and Bangladesh to name a few.

The IPL, to people like me who are not able to follow their particular international teams around, thus provides a great opportunity to see and witness the exploits of some of the greats of the gentleman’s game like Ponting, Kallis, Muralitharan, Sangakkara, Tendulkar and many more in action. But at the same time, everything else seems to pale in comparison to the IPL, especially in India which truly annoys me!


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