Welcome to the Land of the Thunder Dragon - Bhutan

Day 8 – End of a wonderful journey, magical and enlightening!

And so the vacation ends on a Saturday. Back to back flights starting at 7:30 am from Paro, landing in Kolkata just in time to check in and make our flight to Bangalore. The sister and brother in law had a more relaxing time in between flights. And hence we landed in Bangalore and reached home exactly 9 hours later. The effects of our trip (and the rigourous trek the day earlier) kept catching up with us when we shifted modes of transportation from plane to bus to autorickshaw. Upon reaching home, my first order of business was to sift through the pictures of Bhutan and decide which ones to post on FB. The next order was to discover that somewhere along the past couple of days, I had pulled a muscle in my right forearm and it thus was swollen. I also had a chance to catch up with my friends on the same night which meant that by the time I got back from my friend’s place Sunday morning, a week’s worth of pain, tiredness and fun catching upto me.

Looking through the pictures afterwards, I wondered what all I had taken away from the experience of such a country. Bhutan, the only country in the world to follow the Gross National Happiness Index, a country to have attained democracy as early as 2008 and a country that still has around 85% of its forest cover, can’t be that bad. Well it wasn’t. The food, as described earlier, was healthy and tasty for those who don’t mind going without spice for a week. The people have to be one of the most hospitable that I have ever met. The hotels that we stayed in lived upto the standards that we needed for 6 nights. Our tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable. We also made acquaintances over there while touring temples and monasteries. And finally, we learnt what it meant to be at peace with oneself, being surrounded by the serene and majestic Himalayas and in the presence of deep-rooted Buddhism.

I would recommend visiting this country to everyone that wants to experience something different. And thus ends my blog posts about ‘The Land of the Thunder Dragon’


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