Glory Glory Manchester United!

20 Premier League titles, countless legends, one man responsible for them – Sir Alex Ferguson. What a genius of a person he is. 25+ years as the manager of the Red Devils of Manchester and he has been able to mould the team and create an out-of-this-world reputation for the club. Creating world players like Ronaldo, Owen and Beckham, who have proved their worth in other clubs as well, he is a magician truly. Proving that, one of his brightest moments came when Summer 2012 came and he signed Arsenal’s and the Netherlands’ star striker, Robin van Persie, to play along side Rooney, Welbeck, Kagawa and have the benefits of Giggs, Evans, Carrick and the rest of the ManUtd team to create chances to execute his classy goals!

This adoration for my favourite football team of all time comes after they clinch the 20th League title for themselves by the man with the number 20 on his jersey. Watching old videos of RvP’s goals, against Barcelona being one of them and some of the many goals scored during his first season with the Red Devils, especially of the fantastic second goal volley last night, part of his second hattrick for United, it showed everyone, including a grumpy Mancini, that RvP was an excellent catalyst for a smouldering red Manchester side. His hunger for silverware was apparent right from the first goal that he scored for Manchester United against Fulham. As he said in an interview after he scored his second hattrick for United against Aston Villa, he is hungry for more silverware after winning his first League title in England.

Why do I love this team so much? They say that a good team is nothing without a good manager and a good manager is something with an average team. But a great manager with a great team is unstoppable. And that is what Manchester United Football Club are after winning a record 20th League title under their manager of 25 years, Sir Alex Ferguson!


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