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Who is YOUR favourite comic book hero?

There are stories that have the regular characters – a strong and confident hero who has to save his damsel in distress from an evil witch/demon/hunter/man and finally they live happily ever after. These are known as fairy tales and are for children who are not aware of what reality faces them once they step outside their mother’s little cocoon. Then there are those tales of brave men and women who fight nether beings, beings whose description cannot even begin to make use of words known to all, the stories that can be classified under fantasy fiction. These stories are for those adults and pre-adults who do not wish to admit it but still believe in fairy tales. And finally, according to me, the last category of such type of stories are those where you have this one troubled man who fights to save the people he love and the city he loves, but from behind a mask. These are the comic book heros. The reason for my blogging about them is that even though I’m a fan of the previous two categories, I cannot seem to find anything better than comic book heroes.

All of us know our comic book heros – the mighty and invincible Superman, the tortured soul of Batman, the young and ambitious Spiderman, the war hero Captain America, the out of the world wonder Thor, the confused and angry Hulk, the suave and sophisticated Iron Man and the many more that I might not remember at this present moment and some more that I might not even know. These heroes are designed and crafted carefully by people who know exactly what readers want. We read these comic books and go watch these movies to escape from the lives we lead. We want to see a world where there is a certainty of evil being beaten by someone who is not afraid to stand up to it, albeit from a mask. We love the fact that not only men, but superheroines like CatWoman, BatGirl, WonderWomen, the Black Widow and many more also save the city and sometimes the planet. We love it when superheroes and heroines come together to form alliances like the Avengers and the Justice League to combine their super powers and save us all.

Creators from Marvel and DC Comics and again the various other comic book creators, they are all geniuses. To actually create regular people who get superpowers or people from other worlds who come down to Earth to help the humans – what great and awesome ideas. It makes me feel that there is still hope for humanity on this planet. What with all the nonsense and crap that continuously goes on in my country and the rest of the world, we could sure use one of the fictional (as much as it pains me to use this word, it’s true) superheroes and heroines to save our world from what it is clearly heading towards.

Digressing, I don’t think that there would be even one person who disagrees with the previous statement that I made. And if you do, then go to the theatre right now and watch Iron Man 3. Then come back and see if you can disagree!


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