Mind takes over

Revisiting old memories…

Memories are simply memories. You cannot touch or see them except in your mind’s eye. You remember what you only want to remember and eliminate the bad stuff. You can’t help but revisit those old emotions and feelings whenever you hear a song that reminds you of a funny incident or see a familiar place that you would visit often with someone who isn’t in your life anymore. Memories are the things that we hold onto when we cannot go back and create more. They are the aspects of our lives, like old TV show recordings and tapes, that we love to visit over and over again, simply to experience the same kind of emotions experienced when that particular incident occurred. And for that brief moment of time, walking down memory lane, you forget everything else except for that particular incident, and you feel happy and sad, happy because you can still remember it and sad because it has become a thing of the past.

This sudden rush of nostalgia and emotions has come from re-watching some of my favourite TV shows. Has anyone ever done that? When you get bored of watching the new shows and the episodes are not coming out, flip through the channels that do offer reruns or simply get the CDs of those old TV shows and watch them again. Relive those moments when you were surprised by a twist in the plot or a new character appears on the show that adds to the fun of the show. There are so many in mind right now but one specific show that I would mention now is Gilmore Girls starring Lauren Graham (of Parenthood fame) and Alexis Bledel (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and Bride and Prejudice) The pair of blue-eyed and brown haired mother and daughter, as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, set out on a journey to discover what it is like for 2 young women in the 21st century. While Lorelai copes with being a young single mother, trying to run an inn and raise her daughter without her high society mother’s help, Rory finds out what it means to follow your dreams, especially when you are super good at them. The show’s motto is “Life’s short, talk fast” and boy, do the characters follow it.

But a complete review of the show is not what this post is about. Here are a list of reasons why I love this show so much:

1. I love the relationship depicted between Lorelai and Rory because it reminds me a lot of my mother, my sister and me

2. The humour in this show, especially how Lorelai talks to her mother Emily, is something that I might have picked up over the years watching the show over and over again.

3. Each character in the show is so distinct and colourful. If it’s the over-bearing and super enthusiastic town mayor, Taylor Doose on the one hand, it’s the prim and proper Richard Gilmore (Rory’s grandfather and Lorelai’s father) on the other hand.

4. To remind everyone, it is not a soap opera in any way. It is a good and clean family drama, that’s all.

5. The guys in the show are very cute! ‘Nuff said.

6. And finally, the real reason I love the show, it makes me feel happy.

Like I said before, I share the emotions that the characters feel in the show. When Rory graduated from Yale and Lorelai was crying, I teared up too. When Luke (the town diner owner) and Lorelai finally kiss and make up at the end of the show, I was happy too. When anything sad or happy happens, it is as if I am with them and the show is actually a reality.

It sounds stupid but I cannot help it. And that is why I say – it’s okay to revisit old memories whenever because sometimes you need to be reminded that good things do happen and yes, they have happened to you too!


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