Mind takes over

Beginning of the end…. well the first end anyway…..

There are many milestones in one’s life. The first day of school, the first time you write with a pen instead of a pencil, becoming a teenager, becoming an adult, graduating from school, joining college and I could go on. And so I have arrived at this very important milestone. It has everything to do with my life and how I will be remembered as a person. My final year of college starts tomorrow and after this year, I will be cast out into the big bad world. Well, when I finished school, my teachers said that I would be cast out into the big bad world but the world that I am in right now doesn’t seem that different. But after under graduation, there are a whole lot of options that I would need to consider. Will I take a gap year and travel the world? Should I continue studying? Should I get a job? Should I get married? Or should I just sit at home and waste my time for a year to ‘recuperate’?

On the eve of the first day of the last time I will ever be an under graduate, questions and dread are filling my mind. Once that clock turns 8 and I leave for college, it will feel as though an air of finality has set into my world. And why not? In exactly ten months, I will be a graduate, ready to become part of the rat race and to try and make my mark on the canvas they call life. It makes me scared and confused while at the same time interested and excited. Now I can actually be taken seriously in terms of my opinions and views rather than being brushed off as someone who hasn’t had that much world experience. I now also need to become more mature and understanding of the fact that even though my actions before did have consequences, my actions now definitely have consequences that I might have to live with for the rest of my life. And finally, the choices I make once I leave college will DEFINITELY define my career and personal life.

All this major thoughts have been constantly going through my head ever since my finals got over back in April. And the idea of finally reaching this milestone has made me realise how fast my life has gone by. It feels like a split second ago that I was in 5th grade, enjoying my first fountain pen and now I am discussing with people about the state of our country’s politics. How much has changed and how much will continue to change forever in my life, that I know. But what can never change is my ever-growing hunger for excitement and uniqueness in my life.


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