Mind takes over

Expectations and challenges – A topic well known to all!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had an overactive imagination. When people would see a couple walking down the street, I would try and concoct their backstory to amuse myself while sitting with my family. And this particular trait of mine has not diminished with age. As I grow older, my perceptions and ideas grow bigger and wilder. My mother constantly tells me that with this hyper imagination that I possess, I can fill pages and pages and thus become a successful novelist. That is indeed in the works but with all my other commitments, it has become difficult, but not impossible, to write a novel. So to keep my writing skills sharp for when I continue putting fingers to keyboards, this blog came up. A new challenge, a way for people who have no idea who I am appreciating my writing style and also conversing with me about our mutual opinions. I feel that strangers appreciating your writing and views is truly gratifying and for that I have to thank those 30 odd followers of my blog.

But this post is not meant for gratitude exactly. It is more of something that all of us dream about. There are routines, of which I am a huge fan, being OCD and all. And then there is adventure, doing something that is new and exciting to you. And I love that too! I am a person who looks to achieve something great and big in her life but at the same time keep certain aspects of my life steady and constant so that I feel comfortable. If you have read my previous blog posts, then you will know my love for travel which sprung from my childhood expeditions, something that most people get to experience only when they begin to earn themselves. For that I have to thank my parents for instilling this go-getter attitude in me. And hence there arises a problem – while I am perfectly capable of staying in one place and fulfilling the obligations that are expected of me, I unfortunately begin to feel bored and stagnant if I stay in a place for too long.

This feeling is experienced by everyone, I cannot be mistaken. But it takes someone who truly wants to change and can accept change to bring about change. And so right now, with one year left to graduate, I have begun to feel terribly bored. Granted my days are filled with continuous classes, so overwhelming that the only time I can stop thinking is during lunchtime. At home, my evenings are filled with preparations for competitive exams and assignments. Not to say that I am not sufficiently occupied but that I am not sufficiently challenged.

When I joined college in June 2011, it was a new experience going to study in a place where I knew no one. At all. I had to start over and make new friends, get teachers to like and know me and basically be the person who I know I could be. That took a year with the next year making more friends and cementing my position in college as  an intelligent and dependable person. But now with piles of work that I face every day, it has become boring and mundane that I drag myself through it everyday. Not to say that I am not happy about finally finishing college and going into the real world, but I really am aching to do something that challenges me – write about sports, finish my novel, work for an international sports organization, meet interesting and new people, travel to different places, meet my life partner and many more dreams that are just waiting for me.

But for now, I will have to face reality and think about the facts – if I do not finish this particular year well, then those dreams remain dreams!


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