Hard work always culminates in success… Even after 77 years!

All you ardent followers of my blog, after reading the newspapers today in your respective place, will know by now that a post is DEFINITELY due! And here it is…. They said he didn’t deserve to be No. 2….. They said that he’s never won a Slam before…. After winning, they said he’s not fit enough…. They said that it would take another 77 years….. They said he couldn’t handle the pressure…. He said, “I’m all in, are you?” and showed them all!!! Andy Murray is the Wimbledon Champion of 2013 after 77 years on 7th July! What a fabulous match, winning in straight sets against World No. 1 Novak Djokovic! Murray will go down in tennis history even if he doesn’t do anything after this! Speechless at his performance, my heart and soul always with him!

Of course this was just the shortened version that I posted on my FB page. But if anyone of you reading this watched the final last night, By Jove no words can do it justice. It will go down in history as one of the most smashing, epic, awesome, classic, difficult and enjoyable matches in Wimbledon, after of course that marathon semi-final of Del Potro vs. Djokovic, the longest semi final in Wimbledon history. 77 years of hopes and dreams rested on one man’s shoulders. Having shattered one record of a British man winning a Grand Slam after 74 years by winning the US Open, again in a marathon match, again against Djokovic, Andy Murray looked to wipe out the memories of his straight set loss to ‘home boy’ Roger Federer in 2012. Having Federer and Nadal on Djokovic’s side of the draw, Tsonga retiring from his side, Andy Murray looked to make smooth sailing to the final and hope to shatter another record.

No real threat came in the form of his opponents until his quarter-final against Fernando Verdasco, seeded in the 20s. By this time, Wimbledon 2013 had already become famous for surpassing the record for most no. of upsets and withdrawals from an earlier Aussie Open. When Verdasco was 2 sets to love vs. Murray, all of Britain and Andy Murray fans around the world were biting their nails, hoping their lone hope doesn’t succumb to the pressure. But like the Comeback King he was, Murray fought back hard, with the ROARING support of the Centre Court crowd and won the next 3 sets to set up a semi final vs. Jerzy Janowicz, the gigantic Pole. Again here it would be a battle of serves in which Murray provided the set-up of another heart attack for his fans by losing the first set. Again he proved that he could thrive under pressure by winning to set up a final against his very good friend and fast rival – World no. 1, Novak Djokovic.

People reading this should now be reminded that when Djokovic entered the final, he was both emotionally and physically drained after his ‘longish’ semi-final against another gigantic player, Argentine Juan Martin del Potro. Djokovic, known for making his opponents run around the baseline, was wrung out after an injured del Potro made him scramble to win every point but ultimately failing to recreate the magic that he spun against David Ferrer, a fiesty Spanish player, now seeded no. 3! Therefore Djokovic was never the favourite to win unless he managed to grab a set in the first 3. But the gods of Destiny had another plan. Not only did he hardly have any support in the crowd, but he squandered two breaks of serve in 2 sets and uncharacteristically had more errors and less winners than Murray.

The stage was set. The script was written. Only execution mattered and boy did he execute! And therefore this post is dedicated to World No. 2, Britain No. 1 and Wimbledon 2013 Champion after 77 years – Andy Murray!!!


2 thoughts on “Hard work always culminates in success… Even after 77 years!

  1. It was match one of its kind..Defeating World No.1 in straight sets is no joke and Murray has done that with excellence….
    Surely his name will be written in Record’s Book for breaking Britain’s 77 years long wait


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