Marhaba from UAE

My love for movies….

Movies are one way of escaping reality and becoming part of another world, even if it is practically the same world that you have come from. There are different characters, possibly experiencing the same situations and problems that you experience in your daily life, or the larger than life characters that you would have never seen before. Movies teach us to love the little things in life and that the girl always gets the guy in the end. The bad guys generally lose and if they don’t, then there’s a sequel where the bad guys lose. The feel good factor of movies never gets old. Of course, there are those movies that require us to put on our thinking caps and ponder over the deep and insightful questions that are posed to us by those type of movies. And then there are those movies where you don’t need to think.

When I was a child, movies were a daily feature in our weekly routine. Both my parents were mad movie buffs that a week wouldn’t go by without watching the latest release, be it Hindi or English. My mom preferred romcoms and my father adored thrillers, horror films and gory movies. My sister and I were thus exposed to a wide variety of movies and once we started venturing out on our own with our friends, we were admired for our vast knowledge of films. As we grew older, we would go for any Hindi movie as a family, horror and thriller movies with the father and romcoms with the mother. Technology developed and so did our movie viewing methods. We (or rather I) began to download movies and watch to our heart’s content. My mother and I thus developed a love for classics from the 60s and the years before.

A regular feature of the movie watching experience of the Kini family was movie snacks. Now while all movie theatres have a rule of ‘No Outside Food’ we have violated this rule numerous times by sneaking in KFC rolls and burgers along with our popcorn and sodas. We have watched the first day first show and the first day last show. We have stood in line, eagerly waiting for a Harry Potter movie ticket or a Shah Rukh Khan movie ticket. It didn’t matter which movie after a while. The experience of watching a movie on Thrusday night, Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon was something that the entire family always did together. It became a more boisterous affair when we found other similar minded families to watch movies with. By that time, we occupied almost all the seats in a 15 seat row.

This love for movies and everything related to it has given me some culture and entertainment in my life that I cannot explain its importance. Not only has it provided me with fond memories of family bonding, it has also made me realise that no matter what happens, in the end, everything becomes good and everything works out in the end!


2 thoughts on “My love for movies….

  1. Movies have become a staple for me. I start craving for movies when I just want to enjoy. Though I also like watching movies from other countries. I can’t let only Hollywood & Bollywood to rule the imagination & magical moments a movie shows you. πŸ™‚


    1. No that’s very true. But I started watching films in other languages only after going to boarding school. I was exposed to languages like French, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, German, Italian and many more movies by my teachers and friends in boarding school.


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