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Fun in company?

My mom and I have done a lot of things together. We used to play games on the computer for hours, we would watch old classic English movies from the 30s to the 80s, we would discover new recipes and try them out at home and we would shop (rather reluctantly) for myself. But one new tradition that we have started is watching matches together.

Cricket at various times of the day and week, tennis pretty much the same, football and F1 in the weekends, much to the chagrin of my grandmother again. But what started out as a solitary viewing experience has developed into a session of divulging information and opinions by yours truly and educating my mother while at the same time celebrating without any qualms. While my grandmother sits next to me on the couch and exclaims whenever I scream and pump my fist in the air at 10 in the night, for fear of disturbing the neighbours (odd, I know) my mother will silently acknowledge a good pass, a good volley or even a good stroke played by the person that we will be watching. In turn, I will share with her my comments throughout the course of the match, laugh at the funny things that the commentators say and tell her what interesting fact I read about in the pre-match preview.

In fact, if the match goes on late, like the extended 4th day of the 4th Investec Ashes Test at Chester-le-street, Durham where Stuart Broad so very excitingly wrapped up the match for England a day earlier, it would have been worth listening to the banter being exchanged between my mother and I. I felt like a true fortune teller, predicting a wicket and the consequent action happening. Although my mother leaves earlier than me, most of the time, she wills herself to stay up and watch the end of the match that sometimes extends into the next day morning. Of course when she doesn’t have the energy to stay up, my Twitter followers are graced with my ingenious commentary.

But while this happens, there are times when my mother makes a comment in favour of someone that I really hate who will be playing and that (for obvious reasons) I don’t appreciate. So the question that I arrived at was – Do most people like to talk while watching a match? Do they prefer company who is alike or have a competition of words while watching sports? For me, I have always watched sports with my family and thus have never really hung out with friends for the sole purpose of watching a match. While I have animated discussions with my friends the next day about the particular results, the same effect is not there as it was the previous day, exclaiming to my mother what a fabulous volley Andy Murray played or a cracking of a goal Robin van Persie scored last night!

In reality, it all comes down to the temperament of the person who is watching. For me, I get totally involved in the game – I have a special seat which I consider lucky, a special seating position in which my legs are on the table and my hands over my head and special shorts which I wear every time there’s a particular match going on. These little quirks obviously have no effect on the outcome of the match but along with this, what my mother says, affects me to no extent. Hence I feel it safe that for as long as I’m staying with my mother, I’ll enjoy her insight and company because who knows who else I might get to watch another match with? Maybe live at the Oval or even Wembley?


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