The most contested Test rivalry in cricket history – The Ashes 2013 (Part 2)

Having given a rather cold view of the 5 Tests, now to look at some mention-worthy moments according to me that could be looked at in the return Ashes down under in November:

1. Watto and his lbw cancer

Although Shane Watson sort of solved his problem with the lbw for his swan song in the 5th test, albeit a little too late, English bowlers will be looking to use the same ploy to dry up his runs in Australia

2. Australia’s shuffling mania

No batsman batted in the same position in any one innings in this series. This shows how much experimentation was done and how it completely messed with the players’ minds when rather than playing to their strengths, they were forced to adapt and change completely every innings, including the captain.

3. England’s top order woes

If not for Ian Bell, the story going down under would be very different. Only two of England’s top four scored a century and with the exception of Prior, England’s tail with Broad, Bresnan and Swann batted like Cook, Root and Trott. They need to buck up and the Aussie pitches with its extra bounce and pace can either hurt or help them

4. Fitness worries

Bresnan, Pattinson, Bird, Harris, KP and Pup are just some of the players that were suffering from injuries during this series which will require a much deserved rest in the 3 month break between the two Ashes series

5. Personal battles

Shouting matches between KP at the non-striker’s end and Pup standing at 1st slip, Prior having good natured banter with Watson and Clarke at the crease, Rogers’ fear of Swann’s full toss, Captain Aussie fearing Broad’s golden locks filled with bullets of pace and Watto’s fear of losing his big front leg (lest Boof cuts off both to prevent an lbw) are some of the battles to look forward to in November. Not to mention Siddle and Prior, Cook/Root and Harris and Broad with the Aussie crowd (possibly read punching motions by England fans whenever Warner went to retrieve the ball from the boundaries)

6. Maybe no more rain?

Can we expect 25 full days of Test cricket at its best without the players (and DEFINITELY the UMPIRES) being at the mercy of the rain gods? I surely hope so!

And while I have other matches like the India-Aus series at home, the India-SA series away to occupy my time, I wonder how the Aussie team can think of turning their fortunes while at the same time wishing that the England team tap into their great resource of wealth to step up their game a notch!


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