Sojourn of Tamil Nadu

Day 4 – To the end and back, a looong journey and back to Square 1

In an attempt to catch the sunrise that is so famed across the Kanyakumari horizon, we decided to get up early in the morning. But my mother disappointingly informed us that the clouds still blocked the sun’s view. She had gotten up every half an hour since 5:30 am in the morning. We then decided to go visit the Vivekananda Rock Memorial that required us to take a ferry to the Memorial since it was technically an island. The only problem was that the incompetent hotel was refusing to give us breakfast if we came back after 10am and we needed to be in line for the ferry by 7:30am which would mean we would come back only by 11am. We then had breakfast and went to the ferry queue only to find a line, an orderly one at that (much to my surprise), that extended for nearly a kilometer. We stood in the line for around more than an hour and were finally able to buy tickets to board the ferry.

Oddly enough, the tickets for the ferry and for the Memorial were separately charged. We boarded the ferry which was in good condition and very comfortable considering the choppy waves and gusty winds, not like the ones we experienced yesterday which forced the authorities to cancel the ferry service to the Memorial and the Thiruvallur statue. While today the Memorial was open to visitors, the statue was closed once more due to heavy under currents. And since I have no clue about the nature of the sea weather, I chose to go along with the officials and trust their judgement. We got down onto the rock which was also a sculpture garden and were awestruck.

The view from the Memorial was astonishing because of the fact that the confluence of the 3 water bodies, the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea were seen in its splendor, noticeable by the color difference. We couldn’t make out which water body was which color but it was a spectacular sight. While I didn’t go into the temple, because frankly I had seen my share of temples on this trip, it was calming and soothing to simply stand near the rocks and watch the water crash against the rocks and create that foam that is simply mesmerizing to see.

We then again stood in the line to go back to the mainland and were witness to some appalling behavior on the part of people, some of whom tried to cut the line even though it was clearly mentioned to stand in the queue for the ferry. Irritating as their behavior and manner was, it didn’t take away anything from our experience. We then went to have lunch at the nearby hotel and settled down for another long journey back to Madurai and Hotel Park Plaza. While I’m writing this post, my mother, grandmother and great aunt have gone to the Meenakshi Amman Temple, the most famous temple at the centre of the town of Madurai.

So here ends our trip and we head on back home to Bangalore tomorrow.


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