Mind takes over

Christmas Time!

The entire significance of Christmas for me was very commercial in the beginning as I would see various sales and offers in shops, screaming out good prices for the Season to be Happy and Jolly. I also had various Christian friends but as I was small, I never really bothered to ask them. Our devotional centre would organise various programmes on the occasion of Christmas and my father would dress up as Santa with his big belly and his resounding laughter. It was only when I grew up and became slightly mature that I realised that Christmas is more than receiving gifts and having turkey and cake.

The entire point of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who was the founder of Christianity and a saviour of the people. But many people nowadays seem to have forgotten the original reason for the celebration. Not that this blog post is going to be at all about preaching, it is simply going to be what I consider as Christmas. We never keep a Christmas tree in the house for the simple reason that the religion my parents follow is not Christianity. But at the same time, we celebrate all festivals in mostly equal measures.

The reason why I love Christmas because it is the one time of the year when the entire world is in celebration irrespective of which religion or community they come from. It creates a sense of happiness that isn’t present even on one’s birthday and at the same time brings people together, people who otherwise would have never associated with each other. It is truly the season to be jolly and happy. Another reason why I love this particular day is because there is an air of warmth everywhere I go. There has never been a bad Christmas for me, although for 5 years I would get sick without fail on Christmas Day.

The days before and after, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day respectively, also share their moments of enjoyment and happiness. The anticipation of Christmas Day on 24th December and remembering the fun times experienced the previous day on Boxing Day make the celebration of Christmas a 3 day affair. And what’s even more fun is that 1 week after Christmas is New Year’s!


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