Mind takes over

Happy New Year!

According to the Gregorian calendar that is followed mostly all over the world, 1st January of every calendar year is known as New Year’s Day which makes 31st December the previous day as New Year’s Eve. It comes like clockwork to remind us all that another year has begun and basically gives us a chance to start afresh. For many people, it is an excuse to drink a lot and simply have fun but the more serious think about all the actions that they have done in the past year and how they can change that for the better in the new year. They sort of look at it like a report card and how they are the teacher, the parent and the student, evaluating and understanding the rights and wrongs of the year.

A lot of things happened in 2013, especially for me:

1. I was VERY SURPRISED that we even came to 2013 considering I thought that the world would end in 2012 itself. Therefore in that sense itself, I feel lucky to actually be living at this time
2. This is my last year of official college education and therefore after this, it might be a very long time before I actually am present in a classroom as a student.
3. This is also the first time that I started working in an actual office and learnt the nuances of a workplace
4. It is also the year where I learnt that if you can put your mind to something, it will be successful – resulting in me receiving some job offers for after college.
5. This is also the year where I travelled to a place in Southern India called Kanyakumari, which is at the end of the peninsula of the South. According to my blog posts under the category ‘Sojourn of Tamil Nadu’, I saw the point where all the three water bodies surrounding the land and wass amazed with the fact that amidst this fast-paced world where we worry about little decisions and matters, there are some things in the world that simply don’t require us thinking about them so much.

It has been 2 weeks into the New Year and nothing feels different. Yet everything is changing very soon. In a matter of 2 months, I will be graduating and entering the work environment. My life as I know it will become very different in a matter of 5 months. But that is the spice of life – new challenges, new ideas, new directions.


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