The brilliant year of sport…. And???

2014 is half done and already we have had 2 World Cups, countless bilateral series and 3 Grand Slams not to mention the F1 season also being halfway towards its completion. The domestic football leagues were wrapped up and are now 5 weeks away from resuming their new season. The Hockey World Cup final in the Netherlands finished just days before the FIFA World Cup Finals started and now we are just days away from a winner being decided there as well. For sports fans out there, this year has been a smorgasbord of entertainment to choose from. (Apologies if I haven’t mentioned other sports like badminton, rugby, golf)

But while I’ve graduated and started working (not so coincidentally, as a sports content writer), earning a living (or sort of, in my case) by doing your hobby makes you investigate yourself more. During the domestic Indian T20 league, I was required to follow each match and provide regular updates along with engaging fans on social media about the match happenings. Through that, I not only discovered that I had fallen MAJORLY behind on ALL my TV shows but I had also begun to scrutinize every movement that a player does. During this World Cup, my tasks aren’t as demanding but are somewhat of a similar nature to what I had to do 2 months ago. And the results aren’t exactly the same – in one aspect, the matches are only at a fixed time and that gives me time to do other things during the day. In another aspect, actually noticing certain nuances of the game helped me to understand the game better, watching it as a sports writer and not just as a fan.

In a way, this being my first job, I should feel extremely lucky to be doing something that I truly love and enjoy. While many people have said that soon I will start to lose the love that I have for watching and enjoying sport, having to constantly watch and write about it. Well, for one, that cannot happen simply because of the diversity of sport that I watch (as those reading my blog have understood) and two, as my career progresses, each year of sport will just be bigger and better (at least for me!) 


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