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FICTION: Breakfast time

It had rained heavily in the evening but Nina was feeling stuffy in her bedroom. The fan, on full speed, and wearing her tiniest shorts had done no good. She was feeling hot but not feverish. At least she didn’t think so. Being the first one to sleep when your friends are over is never a good idea. But Nina couldn’t take it anymore. Her body started shivering and the entire bed shook. That woke up her two friends, Preity and Sneha, who had crashed on the bed only an hour back. The birthday girl, being Sneha, tried to ignore her friend moaning on the far side of the bed but her kind nature kicked in past the alcohol.

“Hey Nina! What’s up?”
“Sneha….. I’m hurting….. My body is hurting….. My back is hurting…. Please take me to the ambulance!!!”

Nina started mumbling and Sneha got scared. She reached over to feel her forehead and found it clammy and hot.

“Oh fuck! I think you’ve got a temperature. Babe, where is it hurting?”
“My back… MY BACK!!!!”

The tears rolled down her cheek as the host collapses into a fit of sobs. Preity jumped out of the bed and checked her phone. 5am which meant that the two girls had been asleep for less than an hour. Both of them look at each other in fear. They had never been in a situation like this before. They had no clue what they were supposed to do.

“Ok look, she has a fever!”
“Did you check properly?”
“How the fuck do YOU check a fever then?”
“Fine fine. Call an ambulance then. Nina?”

Preity went over to check on Nina once more. As Sneha fiddled with her phone, something dawned on her.

“Dude what’s the ambulance number? Shit! Forget it! I’ll call a cab. Which is the nearest hospital by the way?”
“St. John’s. Should we wake up the others?”
“Sneha…… Call my mom! I miss her…. I want her here…”

Nina continues to mumble as the cab is booked and soon the girls are on their way to St. John’s. It took them an hour because Nina refused to get up from her bed. Sneha had to force her to wear pants, threatening her by “clicking pictures of her and sending it to the boy who she was fooling around with but wanted more”. By 6:30am, Nina was admitted into the emergency room of St.John’s.

Emergency rooms always freaked Sneha out. It was the smell that hospitals always seemed to carry not to mention the bloody injuries that were always there. Shove a collection of the goriest movies into Sneha’s hand and she would devour them in one night. But make her see your fractured hand and she would pass out within seconds. She was weird. But because of her friend being in so much trouble, she swallowed her fears and went about doing what the doctor had asked her to do.

The doctor, a specimen of immense beauty and hotness, Abhay was also somewhat of a cocky bastard. While inserting the IV drip into Nina’s arm, he began humming “Stayin Alive”. If Sneha wasn’t so hopped up on adrenaline from worrying about Nina, she may have even sung along. But she could only stare at him, shocked that he was being so cavalier.

“So Doctor, what is wrong with her?”

Abhay looks up and bursts into a smile. It soon turns into a sarcastic grin.

“Hey lady! We aren’t Gods here that we know what’s wrong with her before even doing tests. Be patient.”

The nurse standing next to him giggles as the smug bastard walks away, happy with the pun he cracked and Sneha barely noticed. Preity turned to her and gaped.

“Wow! He’s something! That was uncalled for!”
“He is dreamy, isn’t he?”

Nina had been given some painkillers for her back and her fever was coming down as well. This had clouded her judgement of everything around her severely. The test results couldn’t have come sooner.

“So now we have the test results and we can make an informed decision, unlike Dr.House M.D. who simply guesses.”
Abhay exclaims as he pointedly looks at Sneha.

“JEEZ! What is that guy’s issue with you? Why is he so mean?” Preity whispers in her ear as Abhay goes on to explain the purpose of the 10 medicines that Nina has been prescribed.

“Don’t worry, Nina. I’m sure your friends will take good care of you. Won’t you guys?”
Sneha nodded, still shocked at the barb that was totally unexpected.

“Yes and her uncle is coming to pick her up as well. So she will be looked after well.”

“I expect nothing less for such a beautiful girl. I have also indicated in your file that you will be coming in for a follow-up in two weeks to see Dr. Anaya.”

“What about you? Why won’t she be seeing you in two weeks?”
The words tumbled out of Sneha’s mouth before she could restrain herself. There was something about this man that annoyed and intrigued her at the same time. Maybe it was the fumes of the hospital that were messing with her head.

“I am moving to another city. And that’s all you need to know. Take care Nina.”
With those final words, Sneha was glad to see the back of Abhay.

Sneha dropped Preity off at the taxi stand outside the hospital and made her way to the chai stall near the entrance. She was in desperate need of a smoke and a strong masala chai after the morning that she had had.

“So you like masala chai too, huh?”

She cringed and turned around, her unlit cigarette hanging off her mouth. She nodded mutely and tried to think of a clever comeback. When none came to mind, she held her hand to light her cigarette, grabbed her chai and searched for a quiet place to sit, praying that Abhay wouldn’t follow. No God in the universe listened to her.

“So I was wondering…”
“Oh and you wonder also. I thought you just said everything that came to your mind and never looked back.”
“Wow! We got a feisty one here. So I was wondering if you wanted to come for some breakfast with me.”
“And why would I do that? Plus don’t you have to go back to work right now?”

Abhay took the only space left next to Sneha on the footpath and sighed, “I honestly have no idea. I go where my father tells me to go. Where I’m needed.”
“What does that even mean?” Sneha felt electric sitting next to him. She reminded herself of the way he talked to her and tried to create some space between them. It failed. She then wrapped herself tighter in her pink shawl.

Abhay noticed and stood up.

“So breakfast? I know this really good place that has waffles that would send you to heaven. There are other ways to go up there but this way is by far one of the best.”

Sneha looked at him incredulously. When had she ever done anything spontaneous in her life before? This guy was the first man to actually speak to her without either putting her down or trying to act creepy. Granted, she didn’t know this man but he had just treated her friend and there was this unexplainable connection between them that she had only read about in romance novels. More precisely, erotica.

Abhay held his hand out as support and pulled her into himself. They stood like that for 5 minutes and breakfast was forgotten. Her hand was tangled in his hair and his hand was splayed across her back. The heavy breathing and the sexual frustration from both ends culminated in a kiss that betrayed both their innermost thoughts.

“Do you wanna ditch breakfast? I cook a mean omelette” Abhay managed to speak in between their tongues colliding.

Sneha nodded as she sunk her face into his neck. He had a nice smelling neck – no lingering hospital smell, which was good. She could only describe it as spicy and heady.

The auto ride to Abhay’s place was barely noticeable as both kept their hands to themselves, relatively. The auto driver had no reason to even look back and wonder why both of them were giggling so much. Once they reached his apartment building, Sneha was glad it was on the first floor because she couldn’t have handled being alone with him in the lift.

They tumbled into the living room, trying to undress each other and themselves at the same time when Abhay pulled apart and blushed.

“You’ve had sex before, right?”
“YES! Even so, why would that matter?”
“No because then I would take extra precaution and treat you right.”
“Oh and since I’ve already done it before…..”
“Then I’m doing this….”

With that, he picked her up with ease (Sneha never doubted that with his muscles) and carried her to his bedroom. He never stopped kissing her and as they approached the bed, more clothes began to come off.
The exploration process began with his hands trying to find those sweet spots that would make Sneha purr in pure ecstasy. In return, she moved her hands down to bring him as close to the tipping point as she was being brought. With both of them working in tandem, it was a wonder they had enough time to look into each other’s eyes. The burning passion was evident and the kisses that Abhay trailed along Sneha’s neck melted her insides. They looked at each other and decided that it was time.

Sneha felt an orchestra begin to play as he started thrusting into her in tune with the music. Rose petals fell from the open sky above and their bodies moved like a pair of jazz dancers, full of fire and desire, each motion prompting the other to keep holding on till the final moment. When their climax point approached, Abhay let out a primeval roar and Sneha whimpered softly. They both fell back, panting and red faced. Sneha turned to look at Abhay and was startled by him chewing on rose petals.

“Wait I thought I imagined that. Where the fuck did they come from?”
“Haha! And did you think you imagined these guys as well?” Abhay swallowed the petals as he gestured to the orchestra that had magically appeared beside his bed.

Sneha jumped up from her bed, covering her body with the satin bedsheet. She began looking for her clothes because her endorphin high was coming down and it was hitting her now – she had just slept with her friend’s doctor who was apparently moving to another city in 2 weeks.

“Listen, this was a fun time. But I honestly don’t know why – this looks fucking weird.”

Abhay sighed and got up, not bothering to cover for anyone because the orchestra had magically disappeared.
“I don’t expect you to understand. But if you’re not doing anything in 2 weeks, I’m off to England. The Glastonbury Festival is happening and my dad wants me there this year and not my twin sister. Apparently, she gets a bit drunk at these events and then doesn’t do her job properly.”
“What?” Sneha stared at him. She didn’t even understand.
“Honey, let’s just say that I AM the God that you thought I was when we first met, by Nina’s hospital bedside.”
And with that, Abhay walked over, stark naked, to the kitchen stove and began collecting ingredients to make omelettes.

“I told you I make a mean omelette. Don’t think about it. It will all become clear later on”

With those words, he beckoned Sneha to start chopping the vegetables. And for the first time in her life, Sneha thought, “Fuck it!”


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