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I’ve always loved writing. It’s the reason this blog exists. It’s also the reason that I tend to ramble when I’m recounting a story. It’s definitely the reason that my ultimate dream is to become a published novelist that wins fame and accolades. So when The Ladies Finger put out a notice that called for interns who wanted to write about stuff that mattered, I knew that it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass. I’d hoped that I would get a sense of how it is to work in an online magazine environment (albeit a toddler one) and finally see my name as a byline. The feeling when I saw those two words indicating that I’d spent hours poring over research and stitching it all together into a coherent piece, was exhilarating. Like the kind of drug that you’d want to get hooked on to and that I’d relapsed into after deciding to take some time off to discover myself. But my sister chastised me for not taking pride in my work and sharing it with the world to appreciate and comment. So this is me taking pride in my work and sharing it with everyone out there who have never read my work or have been long time fans of it. Enjoy!

Note (07/09/2017): While I don’t work with TLF anymore, I still get an opportunity to write sometimes for them. Those pieces are included here as well.

I finally went to a therapist and it wasn’t the greatest experience. I thought it would make for a good story and apparently, it did. Maybe therapy works for other people, but for me, it wasn’t enough.

It had always been on my bucket list to be part of a sports league or a sports team and travel with them. I got to do both and with a sport that I never thought I’d work with – kabaddi. While this piece isn’t for TLF, Arre.com is also another brilliant and funny website with lots of amazing content.

It was fitting that the last piece I wrote as part of my internship was about something that truly changed my life in the best way possible. I’ve been vocal about how my father’s death affected my life on this blog but to share that experience and how my opinion and perception of my mother changed after that with an extended audience took some courage. But I realized that there might be people like me who would benefit and share this experience with people who they knew had gone through this and that made me feel slightly better about writing this. Thanks Mom!

I’ve been a lifelong fan of sports. It began with cricket and spiralled into watching reruns of an archery match that didn’t even result into a medal for India at the Rio Olympics. But that’s how crazy I am about sports. Yes, I’ve faced rather sexist opinions about my loyalty for Manchester United and also just because I’m a girl, it must mean I watch sports because of the hot guys. While the latter is definitely a bonus that I won’t deny, we female sports fans are just as good as male sports fans. Which is why this article about female sports journalists is so important to me. The kind of sexism and abuse they deal with, especially in the social media age is unbelievable and to think that some people still think that women don’t have a place in sports journalism is ridiculous and ludicrous. Have a read and fume more about this world along with me!

I’ve worked in a sports PR agency for the past year and that one year showed me that while this country doesn’t exactly care about any sport besides cricket, they are certainly making efforts to change that perspective. The Olympics was no different and everyone’s expectations were risen due to the amazing media coverage that the athletes got. But despite a dismal performance that saw only two medals come home (a historic bronze in wrestling and a historic silver in badminton, the first Indian female to win an Olympic silver) there were still those who felt that the media were praising them only because of the honeymoon period after the Olympics. I knew many of the people who were working tirelessly to ensure that these athletes got their due recognition and these two women I interviewed were doing their part as well.

One of the best things about completing an internship at The Ladies Finger was learning about new and interesting things that I would have never read about otherwise. Discovering that the concept of community radios existed was surprising but upon interviewing and researching the methods of maintaining community radios and their reasons for starting up, my world view shifted. There are definitely more things to life than what we see in our periphery.

For those who know me personally can attest to the fact that I absolutely hate fashion and anything to do with it, including shopping. I usually make the minimum effort required to clothe myself when I’m stepping out. The only time anyone has any say in what I wear is when there is an important function or my friends decide to tie me to a chair and forcibly make me wear a dress. But again in the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zone, I was tasked with writing about the trend of renting clothes. It’s a fun and light piece that made me rethink about the concept of shopping and possibly get behind something that could satisfy my needs for clothes.

In case you haven’t clicked on the link above to go to TheLadiesFinger.com, TLF is a leading online feminist magazine that writes about issues that affect women in all aspects of life. They can be described as a treasure trove of feminist journalism. Combine that with my insane obsession of sports and you have me doing research on the sports records that women hold over men. You might just be surprised indeed!

The first piece published of mine that talked about Dipika Pallikal winning the Australian Open against all odds back in August.

So before the Rio Olympics in July-August 2016, the IOC had declared that all news and media outlets were banned from creating and sharing GIFs/JIFs on the Internet, fearing that no one would tune into the Olympic coverage with them catching their dose of Olympic madness through GIFs. But I managed to find some gold that escaped from Rio!

A fluff piece highlighting the journey of an incredible athlete who made history in so many different ways this Rio Olympics for India.

While I’m not busy screaming at the TV because of an incompetent sport team that I cannot help but sport is doing badly, I’m also doing research (yes, I am!) about the relationship between sports and sexuality. So this list of out LGBTI athletes at the Rio Olympics was my first pitch and second piece to be published.

A truly amazing interview with a kick-ass woman who essentially wasn’t taking anyone’s bullshit and calling everyone for their misogynistic views and opinions. It was truly a treat to talk to her and hopefully, a treat for you to read it as well.

This was a piece that took a bit out of me because it was very personal, not just to me, but to a lot of people who wouldn’t want their subjects finding out about this. I wouldn’t want THOSE people finding out about this either but in this Internet dependent age, it’s going to happen sooner or later so I apologise but this is one of my best pieces yet. Also, there’s no shame in admitting that you like reading fan fiction, just saying.

And finally, the piece de resistance (excuse the lack of an accent)

My first real investigative piece about whether the cause for a rise in maternal deaths in the US could be seen in India as well. It was at this moment that I knew that writing is something I never wanted to give up or compromise in life ever again. Whether it was a stupid blog post about what I’m currently feeling or a Twitter rant about the recent United loss, I knew that I wanted to continue writing about anything and everything that affected me.

In short, I hope you do enjoy reading these pieces and also I suggest browsing through more of the TLF website because they are a bunch of amazing, funny and dedicated people who write brilliant stuff.


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