Depression : Retaliation

When you don’t know how to explain…

~From Life To Shereen~

I am writing on WordPress after a long time. What prompted me is not the fact that I was missing it (sorry) but the fact that I have no one to hear me out.

They say, depression is a state of mind and we all should contribute in helping the person out. But in real, how many actually do it? For the few handful who try to, I see they too are not constant with their effort. After a while, they themselves become a source of stress unintentionally, because they lose their patience on certain occasions and it all comes straight out on the person who needed their help.

The below pictures are somewhat similar to what’s in my mind since some time, and so I am sharing them here (ofcourse, with minimal expectations of any reaction). I have no one to talk to, no one to lend me a…

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