Excerpts from a cricket diary I’ll never write. Part one.

Originally posted on Whispering of Snowflakes:
Ricky Ponting. Fierce. Aggressive. Frightening. Vocal. Loud. Opinionated. Outspoken. Competitive. Emotional. You’re all of these and many more. You’re ‘the’ captain that everyone vows to have. You’re the yearning of every vulnerable mind. You’re hope. You’re the Venus in a moonless night. You’re the myriad of street lights at…

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Krishna and Kanha playing Snakes and Ladders (Fiction)

“Come on Kanha! We are already so late!” Krishna tapped his foot impatiently as he leant against the door of the room of his best friend. “You know how Teacher hates it when we come late to morning class!” “Then stop rushing me! I don’t do well under pressure!” Krishna giggled at the double entendre… Continue reading Krishna and Kanha playing Snakes and Ladders (Fiction)